Monday, May 5, 2014

music monday-- fleetwood mac, tusk

fun fact about me: i LOVE marching bands. and fleetwood mac. just ask ryan about my tenedency to shout/sing the lyrics to you can go your own way" at seemingly random moments. thanks to my dad for showing me this version of the song. usually i listened to the concert version (found here) which i think we should all just acknowledge as superior for several reasons, one of them being lindsey buckingham's "aiiieee!!!".


  1. Okay, so I posted and then I realized I needed to edit my comment, so it's deleted and coming back... I love this song and I love the Trojan Marching Band. I like their instrumental version that they play at almost every football game (and whenever fans request it) because we all yell out loud "U-C-L-A SUCKS!" It makes us feel better, especially after a loss ;)

  2. That's my favorite part too. It's also the mellophone part of course.


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