Tuesday, December 17, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

and now a thanksgiving recap. now that we're about a month away from the holiday, you know... i blame it on the baby.

this year we went to utah to hang out with ryan's family, while also meeting up with my brother and his wife and my sister for breakfast and bowling (at byu! we had a blast). it proved to be more of an adventure than we bargained for; ryan's niece broke her leg (she's eight months) about ten minutes after arriving thanksgiving afternoon and ava, seth and ryan all got sick with some rapid and nasty bug. there was more, but let's not dwell, right?

ryan actually got sick in the car as i drove us home. held it together pretty well until kate started chatting about cinnamon rolls and how much she'd like one right now and then i was pulling over while he was leaping from the car before it had fully stopped and sarah was screaming her brains out...it was so fun. when we got home ryan and i crawled inside and swore we'd never leave again. we'll see...kristine has plans for us this summer.
Thanksgiving 2013 001 
grandpa chris and baby sarah
Thanksgiving 2013 002
me and my little niece, kali. this was my first time meeting her. she is absolutely adorable! we all got a big kick out of her. she's this happy little thing who waves her hands around when she's excited. we all thought it was the cutest thing we'd seen.
Thanksgiving 2013 003
the best of the attempt at a packard grandkid photo. this was not easy. or successful.
Thanksgiving 2013 004 Thanksgiving 2013 005 Thanksgiving 2013 006 
kate loves kali. LOVES. she was playing with her, showing her things, talking to her, sharing...kate loves that older caretaker role. and kali was a good sport. she happily sat with kate and took whatever toys kate was handing over. 
Thanksgiving 2013 007 Thanksgiving 2013 008 Thanksgiving 2013 009 Thanksgiving 2013 010
kate in her winter get up. she's wearing an old coat of ava's, an old beanie of ryan's that won't stay on, a pair of gloves that are much too big and...no shoes. we sincerely fail at weather. seriously. it almost looked like we were doing it to be funny, but guys, we were lost. i realized that the way i deal with any weather we get out here is by ignoring it until it goes away, which works. in utah, however, weather is persistent, so we looked ridiculous and felt miserable.
Thanksgiving 2013 011 
uncle alan got a ping pong table. the men were obsessed.
Thanksgiving 2013 012
uncle eric and aunt marilyn drove up to be with their grandkids, zachary and kate. 
Thanksgiving 2013 013 
a rare shot of ava. mostly ava, seth and their cousin davis played in the basement and came up for food.
Thanksgiving 2013 014
my sister, amanda, and baby sarah.
Thanksgiving 2013 015
kate dressed up like a princess, her favorite game.
Thanksgiving 2013 016
clint, erica, zachary and baby kate
Thanksgiving 2013 017
michael's friend, mary, ava and uncle michael
Thanksgiving 2013 018 Thanksgiving 2013 019 
great grandma and grandpa hermansen
Thanksgiving 2013 020 Thanksgiving 2013 021 
the moment i realized that we were "those" people-- the thirty-somethings that drag their family back to byu campus to relive their glory days while their many children goof off around them. this definitely happened. along with a lot of reminiscing to the bored children about the things we used to do there and the places we used to go. 
Thanksgiving 2013 022 Thanksgiving 2013 023 Thanksgiving 2013 024 Thanksgiving 2013 025 Thanksgiving 2013 026 Thanksgiving 2013 027 
this is a bit of a bragging moment: my dad told me about this exhibit at the byu art museum and i knew it was popular and that it had been booked out for months. but i really wanted to see it. some of these pieces had been removed for the first time since they'd been placed in the castles and churches they'd been created for-- and many of them will not be removed again once they go back. so i sweet talked our way into four tickets even though we hadn't a reservation and it was thanksgiving weekend. it was an amazing exhibit, truly. to see the real thing is to see the painting for the first time, despite the fact i've been walking past these replicas weekly for thirty years. if you can go, go. 
Thanksgiving 2013 028 Thanksgiving 2013 031 
the bowling! the kids loved it. we'll have to go again. at first seth wanted nothing to do with it, but he eventually caught on and joined the fun. kate was giddy and reckless, throwing the ball and jumping around excitedly, not even bothering to see where it went. ava was methodic and a little shy, just like herself, i think. we had a great time. i think amanda won, beating david and james by only a little. i always forget how bowling works. do you want a high score or a low score to win?
Thanksgiving 2013 032 Thanksgiving 2013 033 Thanksgiving 2013 034 Thanksgiving 2013 035 
Thanksgiving 2013 036
Thanksgiving 2013 037
kate about to bowl
Thanksgiving 2013 038
Thanksgiving 2013 039
where kate stood most of the time-- right where the action was
Thanksgiving 2013 040 Thanksgiving 2013 041 Thanksgiving 2013 042 Thanksgiving 2013 043 Thanksgiving 2013 044 
proof i was there
Thanksgiving 2013 045
more proof
Thanksgiving 2013 046 Thanksgiving 2013 047 
i love this
Thanksgiving 2013 048 Thanksgiving 2013 029
a quick hermansen family photo--all of us present and accounted for. two parents, four children, three in-laws and seven grandchildren (plus another on the way!).

i meant to do a thanksgiving gratitude post and list all of the things i'm grateful for, but i ran out of time. so i'll wrap it up with a generalized statement encompassing all of my blessings and how i am grateful for them. plus this: this life is hard. it's insane. literally. nothing makes sense, nothing goes the way you planned, nothing is for sure, but there are pockets of happiness. and they're all over the place. ryan. the kids. my dad. a good day outside. whipped cream. fresh strawberries. fresh mozarella. date nights. feeling the spirit. a good book. quiet afternoons. sleep. those pockets are what make the difficulty, the insanity and the chaos doable. i'm grateful for those warm, buttery pockets. i hope for more in 2014.

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  1. Your posts always make me laugh, but you always make so much sense too! Like that last paragraph. Well said. Kate looks like a fireball I'd prefer to just watch from afar. She's so cute! And Sarah? Well, she's making me baby hungry.