Tuesday, November 18, 2014

lucky number thirteen

dear sarah,

i'm a little late this month but i have a perfectly good reason: you are insane and i don't know how much longer i can keep you alive. you get into EVERYTHING. you are so NAUGHTY. and i am SO EXHAUSTED.

for example, this morning: you and i took a shower today. part of the reason we did this is because despite a summer full of trips to the pool where you happily splashed and played for as long as we'd let you, you suddenly hate the bath. so much. if i shower with you or bathe you i end up soaked, so i just shower with you and wash myself while i'm at it. but i digress. so we showered and i put you down so i could put some underwear on before diapering you and while selecting (not a difficult process) i hear kate shout, "mom! sarah's poopy!" there's a small chance this is a false alarm. if there is anything kate can't stand, it's bad smells. if someone is unwashed for a number of days or particularly gassy she most generously points it out, loudly, to everyone. but alas, sarah, you were not simply gassy and had, indeed, pooped. and you stepped in it. and ran around the entire living room and dining room. several times (why? were you chasing something?). including the rug. the rug, sarah! i JUST bought that rug! and now it has your stupid poop on it! as i cleaned it up (still in a towel, by the way, and without even my underwear on), you managed to uncap a pen (caught you before you drew on anything), slip and fall into the poop, and grab a poopy wipe to wash the cat.


i just had to stop writing this so i could rescue you. you "climbed" the oven by standing on the drawer and getting stuck. i almost left you there for the safety of...everything but you were crying and it was really bothering the peaceful feeling of our home (just kidding, there's no peaceful feeling in this home).

also today: you found a pencil and colored the walls, you've dumped all the stuffed animals out and have thrown yourself into them repeatedly, you have tried to dig through the trash about five times and you've slapped the keys to the piano and the laptop about six thousand times. also, you napped twice and stopped for several breaks, which usually include a sippy cup of water that you throw back heartily and a cup full of cheerios that you eat with such gusto that they scatter and ruby scurries to eat them all. also a favorite: leaving the house to run into the street, pressing as many buttons as you can in the car, coloring feverishly on anything with whatever you can find, spitting your food out because your first impression is GROSS! but on second thought, YUM. phones? you PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS and then THROW them as soon as you're done. laundry? empty it! anything that anyone brings to our house? DUMP IT OUT AND LOOK FOR FOOD.

so no offense, sarah, but i'm counting down the days. i need you out of this phase and into one where you're more tame. unless you turn into one of those teenagers where you sniff whatever household items you can find because your drive for destruction is such an enormous part of your personality that you just can't help yourself and i'm going to have you ground until you're dead because one day i'm going to discover a meth lab in your bedroom...

... you're getting all of your destructive/curious/dangerous tendencies out right now, right? sarah, please tell me that one day i won't be wondering where you are and how many knives you have with you, or how many chairs you've stacked to reach the top of the fridge. or maybe, just maybe, i won't be exhausted by the very thought of church and wrestling you for three solid hours because right now, i'm not going to lie: i hate church right now. in 19 weeks i only have to wrestle you for one hour in sacrament meeting and then drop you in nursery for two hours. HAH.

in all reality sarah, you really are that bad, but you're also so darn cute that i find myself forgiving you over and over again, easily. you're a charmer, sarah, and you've charmed me to the core. one sweet smile from you, with your sweet little mop of wild hair, you're sweet half-moon blue eyes and i forget that you ever unraveled an entire knitting project and emptied the dishwasher while i filled it. and sarah, new this month, you have developed a tiny bit of favoritism. for me! sarah! you love me! and so, even with your destructive and wild ways, i forgive you and i embrace you in all of your snuggling, squealing, happiness.

i love you,

photos by michelle hanson of m hanson photography

Monday, November 17, 2014

music monday- the stone poneys, different drum

i grew up listening to linda ronstadt. she was my mother's music. there are some linda songs that take me right back to the back seat of that silver mazda mpv with the chunk missing of the upholstery because my sister ate (yes, ate!) a chunk out when she was younger. anything from the trio (linda ronstadt, emmylou harris and dolly parton) takes me back to that backseat, too. those are for another time, if i can find them.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

monthly challenge

somy internet life is a bit of a mess at the moment. i'm making plans for 2015 and redesigning/arranging/vamping my two little internet "homes" (anchor and bird and miriam hermansen photography). this monthly challenge is something i'm doing with some other photographers and normally it'll post on the photography side of things, but this month, since anchor and bird is the only thing working right now, here we are. 

the challenge was night shooting which, considering the time change (still hate it, by the way) was not that hard. i got out twice.

the first time it was "raining", which really just translates to a nice, light mist. i really wanted to capture the "rain" drops in the headlights of my husband's car (her name is grace and she is an old woman who lives in an apartment complex, wears mumus and collects tiny cacti in cute little containers),but alas, when the rain is merely a mist it's hard to capture. 

the second occasion was actually the first. on october 23rd it was the second anniversary of my mom's death and i had this brilliant idea to light sky lanterns for her. it did not go particularly well. it will be better next year.

first of all, they are huge. secondly, we are in the middle of a drought. thirdly, they float up, up, up and far, far, far away. and they are on fire. i thought it was something small that floated a little and then burned out. so we lit the first one and then watched in horror as it floated far, far away,nearly bumping into a tree on it's way out. we imagined vicious wildfires and considered getting in the car to chase the lantern when we saw it flicker and finally burn out nowhere near the ground. thank goodness. never again.

except the second one, which we tied a thread to and let float on a leash of sorts over the pool.

want to see what the others captured?

and stay tuned for a link to the new photography stuff!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

family home evening

in the lds faith we have something called family home evening. this means that monday night is reserved for family time. there's a traditional part that means you have an opening prayer, a song, a lesson, a closing prayer and a treat, and sometimes we do that a little bit. mostly ava and i sing a song at the top of our lungs that ryan refuses to sing. sometimes kate joins in to be obnoxious. seth never sings with us because seth is ALWAYS on ryan's side. 

anyway, we try to mix it up with scripture study type stuff and activities. the other night (BEFORE the time change, which totally ruined everything, by the way) we had a "show and tell" on the front lawn,

sarah just sat there and was adorable, which we were all impressed by.

kate decided to show us how she can ride ava's bike, which is funny because she doesn't actually know how to ride ava's bike, so ryan had to help her. she was quite proud of herself.
then she told us about bike riding:
seth showed us one of his star wars models and explained to us his process of model building.

ava decided to tell us how to ride a horse (surprise! is there anything not horse related in that girl's life?):
this included a tutorial with sarah, who took the chance to also show off her adorableness:

ryan talked about mountainbiking. because he, like sarah, is adorable. and talented. and funny. and i really like him.

and now, for those of you who do the family home evening thing, tell me the things you do that work! because i need those suggestions!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ryan's birthday

it's ryan's birthday today. 

yeah, yeah, i know you're all thinking about how cheesy this post is going to be and how you're going to have to skim through buckets of sweet nothings that EVERYONE writes about their beloved when it's his time of the year...

and you're right. 

ryan to me is a haven. in ryan's presence i am loved. i am encouraged. i am gently kept in line. and i want so much to be the same for him. 

that ryan! i love him so! he is my greatest comfort, my deepest friend, my dear companion. 

happy birthday. 

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