Wednesday, July 20, 2016

party time

oh my gosh, guys, remember when our plumbing called it quits and i just stood there while our toilet water made a grayish looking swamp in the hallway to the family room?

well, it's getting fixed. hooray!

and i have moved in to my parents' house while it gets fixed. probably because those fixing guys looked at my four children and my three dogs and my pregnant belly and they were like, ma'am, you need to leave. and i watched sarah inspect the carpet with the inspection man by first knocking over his toolbox (gave him a heart attack) and then sticking her head into a pile of moldy and contaminated carpet and inhaling deeply. inspection man is like, ma'am...and then he gestures to sarah and then he looks helpless.

we'll leave, i told him.

so, in we moved. a mom, a dad, four kids, three dogs, two blue ikea bags full of clothes, a couple bags of camera equipment, my computer, some toys, a couple dog beds, a crate, and a mountain of blankets, pillows, swim suits, and towels. because we come to your house we come to party.

it  took a little adjusting, for example, i don't think carlisle and rebecca are used to waking up at 6:30 in the morning to a little curly-headed child shouting, "GOODMORNINGIWANTWAFFLESRIGHTNOW...PLEASE." but carlisle quickly adjusted because this house has had up to seven children seventeen and younger under one roof and a bunch of those children were taking piano lessons and so part of the commotion was listening to them practice the same piece of music over and over and over and over again. i remember james and david and casey the labrador dog racing down the slick, narrow hall and not bothering to turn properly when they got to the sharp turn that led to the family room. instead they all just let the full weight of their bodies (this includes the dog, by the way) crash right into my bedroom door. at very early hours of the morning.

i so loved it.

and rebecca quickly adjusted, too, or at least is a really good sport because she has smiled almost this entire time (well, probably not when a dog peed on her new rug) and kept hugging children and saying nice things. good for her.

we thought this was only for 3-4 days, but it turns out there was asbestos in the walls, and that takes about 3 days to remove (and involves a hazmat tent, which we definitely marveled at). also, the wood was wet in the walls and so they're taking a few days more to dry it out. also, when the guys set up the fans to dry the wood they blew a fuse and now our garage doesn't work and only one fan is working.

construction seems a lot like herding cats. those must be very patient people who work those jobs.

so we're here indefinitely and the party's just going to keep going! lots of stories and lots of trips to the grocery store, and lots and lots of talk about pokemon. spending the time with my brothers is pretty awesome. we were going to have a family staycation this week anyway, so this is perfect.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

7 quick takes

summertime naps on my bed. sarah's life is not a bad one.

1. children sit at the dining room table to do projects and yell at me the whole time. "mom! how do you spell 'building'? mom! how do you spell 'cantaloupe'?" so now when sarah sits at the table and does a project she spends the entire time yelling, "mom! how do you spell '22'? mom! how do spell (unintelligible baby jobbers here)? mom! how do you spell 'E'???"

so i yell back whatever the heck i want. and it makes no sense, but she turns right around and starts "writing" feverishly, so it must be working.

2. you know what makes a bad day good? house of the rising sun by the animals. why did we stop using the organ in our rock n roll? WHY???

(also friends who bring cookies from diddy reese make a bad day good)

3. seth cried himself to sleep last night.

4. you guys. there is an actual cookbook about making popsicles. that's right, popsicles. as in, pour juice in to the mold and then put that mold in the freezer until it's frozen and then enjoy your popsicle. that's ridiculous.

5. meghan trainer wrote a song and at first i thought, 'this is a little obnoxious, but it's nice to hear a song where a woman is singing about how she doesn't need anyone but herself and she's proud and happy of who she is and what she looks like," but then she sang the chorus which is, "if i was you, i'd want to be me, too..." and i turned it off. pardon my french, but what the hell, meaghan trainer? is this female empowerment? to be better than all the other females? LETS JUST GET RID OF CELEBRITIES AND AND ENTERTAINERS AND START OVER AGAIN. where are our real women? and i'm not talking about the ones with the blogs where they pretend they make everything from scratch and by hand and their houses are always perfect and they always love their children and their husbands are always the best and they are always working out... where are our mama case'? our joni mitchells? our aretha franklins???

6. ryan went to a super nice steak house last night to say "happy retirement!" to his dad. he brought me leftovers. i ate cold pizza after everyone went to bed (which was rough, if you'd like to refer back to number 3). sometimes being a stay at home mom is the pits.

7. however, this summer i have done things like swim in a pool, help sarah take a nap by napping beside her, spent ALL DAY at the beach, bought slurpees just because and played pokemon go for hours. sometimes being a man with a traditional career that keeps you in an office all day no matter what the weather outside is, or no matter how long it's been since you had a break or played with your kids or saw your wife is the pits. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

johnny and june

reasons to love this song, even though sometimes it sounds like june is a dying cat:

1. well, as one commenter says, june carter cash is the shit. so, there's that.

2. johnny and bob dylan loved each other very much. and when people love each other well i love them.

3. the harmony. it's simple. i love it. 

4. i listened to this song about a gazillion times after ava was born. lots of long afternoons nursing a google-eyed mouse to this song. 

5. her dress. not a reason to love the song, but a reason to watch the video. when i was a girl my grandma gave me several of my mom's dresses straight from seventies that looked a lot like this. i wore them to play dress up in and i completely regret not saving them to wear now. because i would have seriously rocked the plaid. and the length. and the sleeves! one of my biggest regrets is being born in the 80's. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

a quick little catch up

it's been a while.

because it's summer! and that means everyone is home all the time and they all need food about five thousand times a day because they are starving. one morning i didn't leave the kitchen until after lunch (between cleaning in it and cooking in it). everyday children run in and they're like, 'what are we doing today?' and i say, 'laundry' and they all boo and run around and jump on my bed and then suggest lots of things we could do instead (swim! disneyland! natural history museum! park! walk! beach! visit grandma! swim!!!!). sometimes i give in and instead of folding the five loads on my bedroom floor we go to the pool for about...all day and then the loads begin to take on a life of their own and i try really hard not to care.

(side note: my friend in high school's mother immortalized a load of laundry by putting something stiff on it and placed it on a table prominently and called it art. i thought she was being funny but now i totally get it. that woman knew things i did not.)

also because i'm pregnant! and being pregnant means i am a reduced human. i have no energy, no motivation, i feel awful, i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to possibly fit another human and all of that human's stuff into this house and take care of that human while taking care of all the other guys, i seriously don't know if i'm up for it. what will become of us???

and because our plumbing has called it quits. so tuesday the tub began to back up and the toilets bubbled and then the tub was full of gross dirty water and then that water became BLACK and then the toilets were flooding the room and then i was running around grabbing all the towels i could find and then carefully running them back to the garage to dry them so i could keep up with the flooding, but alas, i was not fast enough and to my horror, large spots of swampy wetness were appearing on my family room floor. the children stared. i had to run sarah to the next door neighbor's house to use the toilet. sarah was so enamored with their decor she said didn't have to go anymore and instead spent fifteen minutes playing fetch with the dog.

(sidenote: we went to our property manager's house. he's like a rockstar at our house. when something breaks everyone cheers because it means that maybe bob can come over.)

hey! and also because our plumbing quit that means we have to have our pipe dug up out front and replaced, but also our carpet. and the walls. and the cabinets. YOU GUYS. there's talk of sending us to a hotel, which sounds luxurious, yes, but they told us we have to take the kids with us, which equals sarah and her crazy legs in bed with us at night. which equals NO SLEEP. and what will the dogs do? and what am i supposed to pack?

thanks, but i'd rather not.

also the news lately completely stinks and is lessening my morale. like i said earlier, what is to become of us? and where can i go that we will be safe? because i don't feel very safe right now.

and finally, all i want is a box of see's candy. which i can't have because i just finished one (with ryan!) not too long ago and now would be too soon. but i have a feeling chocolate will lessen this bubbling hysteria and keep it a little lower than just below the surface, which is where it really needs to stay. instead of chocolate i have self medicated with some bob dylan youtube videos this morning. it's worked nearly as well, and is a lot healthier for me.

(positive note! since i thought sarah was our last baby i gave EVERYTHING away. and i mean everything. literally all i had at the beginning of this week was a baby carrier a friend returned because she heard i was pregnant again and an empty box of wipes. so, not a lot. but you guys, i am finding the secondhand deals and ROCKING at it. i mean, so far all i've managed to drag home is a highchair, a swing, and a dresser, but i've done well and i think this just might be one of the more affordable babies we've had. go me!)

does that catch us up? mostly... i should also mention that packard child 4 graduated college like a boss and i was there to see it. i also took photos, which i shall one day edit and share, i'm sure. working in the summer is always tricky. finding quiet time is rare. also worth mentioning, ryan got sick and diagnosed himself with walking pneumonia or bronchitis, and he's available to diagnose you too, if you want. my computer broke and the girl at the store reformatted it for me and i lost about four months worth of personal photos and videos. THAT stinks. and finally, chris and kristine are set to leave california for good (as residents) next week, so we've been hanging out with kirstine a lot and let me tell you a story: i had a good four loads of laundry to fold and i let for literally fifteen minutes to put sarah down for a nap and when i came back she was folding the last of it, which includes matching the socks. YOU GUYS. that is UNHEARD of. she's incredible.

okay, yeah. we're caught up now.

Friday, June 24, 2016

7 quick takes

1. it's summer! so i request the school uniforms be placed on my bed. every end of year i wash them all, place them in the garage for storage, and forget about them until a week or two before school, when i pull them all out and try to find enough pieces to make a wardrobe for the kids...kate included this year (insert munch's scream emoji here).

ava hears my request and gathers her uniforms from the uniform drawer in her dresser and places it on my bed. this takes two minutes.

ten minutes later seth walks by with all of his uniforms carefully balanced on his head and his outstretched arms until something falls and he trips and now there are uniforms all over. the minute they hit the floor he immediately forgot about them and there they remain.

those two are really different.

2. yesterday i was barefoot all day and cut my foot twice. am i going to have to start wearing those things they call shoes???

3. things i will wear this summer: enormous, shapeless dress. i may look like a circus tent, and maybe that's something that should embarrass me, but i'm so busy feeling comfortable that i don't even care. #winning.

4. dear Facebook, why are you so depressing and unkind?

5. tuesday we went to the beach all day long, and then wrapped up the day with a dodger game. wednesday we went to the library and ran errands. thursday we swam for several hours and then went to the park. friday my children begged for me to leave them alone and spent the morning flopped over on things, trying to recover. so yeah, i'd say the summer is going well.

6. this video. "i find that unlikely."

7. in my panic over adding a fifth child to this circus, i found this blog. wow. this woman should mentor. and by that, i mean mentor me. or just raise my children.  
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