Thursday, May 12, 2016

iPhone photo dump; hawaii edition

stopped at the temple in laie. even though we were wearing swim clothes.

chickens! my friend wendy grew up on oahu and she said there were no chickens when she was a girl, that this is a more recent thing. there are chickens everywhere now, all over the island. i took some photos to show the kids. also, now i want chickens.

san lorenzo shave ice-- pineapple and cherry

met up with some family who were also vacationing on oahu at the same time as us!
at the end of yet another happy day, frizzy hair and sandy feet

pupukea grill
spicy tuna bowl from pupukea grill. so good. so sad there isn't one here.

the catholic church by waimea beach where we parked our car
ryan didn't want to go home
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