Wednesday, July 22, 2015

a little fall of rain

it rained and like the drought-ridden people that we are, we reacted with a great deal of wonder and excitement. Especially Ava, who now, big surprise here, is sick with a cold. Probably all that rain dancing. She is a little bit delighted that one of her suspected illnesses has actually panned out. Good for her. 

we jumped, we danced, we floated things in the gutter, we walked in the gutter, we splashed, we was fun. i hope it rains again soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


have i mentioned that ava is a hypochondriac? because she is.

when someone in our family gets an ailment you can bet ava will be only a few days (or hours) behind with the same ailment.

so, kate got sick, remember? now ava is sick.

she eats a full breakfast and then plops down next to me. "i do not feel well," she says, pressing a hand to her forehead. "i'm hot. i have a fever."

"do you?" i ask not looking up from my book.

"yes." she says. "and i haven't been able to eat in hours. i'm weak. i'm tired. i'm going to bed early tonight."

"you just ate a full breakfast." i remind her.

"and that was really hard for me," says ava, giving me a pointed look. "i had to force myself to eat it. i didn't feel like it at all."

i guess this experience is nothing compared to the time i hugged ryan a little too hard after a mountain biking incident that hurt his lower back and ava had me pick her up from school later that day for a lower back injury.

or the time that she claimed she was allergic to eight thousand different things because seth had an allergic reaction to a bee sting. or the time ryan asked her how she was doing and she complained of her hip hurting...

what does one do with a hypochondriac child (besides blocking them from webmd)?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

mouth of babes, part two

kate and seth are fighting over something. in true sibling style, seth licks the item being fought over so kate won't want it anymore. it works.
kate: seth! now your saliva is all over it! (then darkly) your yucky boy saliva.

me: shall we go to the fireworks tonight?
ryan (baffled): no. why?
me: because it's fourth of july?
ryan: are there no crowds and no people?

we are all looking at a photo of kate (because i don't know about you, but when i use the computer, everyone comes and stands behind me and stares).
me: what a cutie!
kate: you mean a hottie.
me: a what?
kate: a HAT-tie.
me: what's a hattie?
kate: someone who wears hats.

seth: dad's at work, missing us. he's probably at work killing bad guys and crying because he misses us so much.

kate: daddy does his job, even though we have no money and we're not rich.

Me: you know what I don't like? When you complain about someone being annoying and your friends decide to hate her forever. It's not her fault she's annoying! We're all annoying! In fact, name one person who isn't annoying. 
Ryan: I can't. 
Me: how dare you. 
Ryan: hey--I--but you...that was a trap.

Me: what's so bad about sharing a room? 
Ava: you have to SHARE it! Sharing is not my passion, you know.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

summertime gladness

first parts of summer, in the bag.

it was spent at vacation bible school. one of my favorite things about vbs is watching my subdued, white, mormon children kick it with some enthusiastic christians. they did much better this time around, a lot less standing and staring. kate even came home with all the right dance moves and a sweet little smile. girl child loves her some dancing.

it was spent by my side, since Ava as a almost-9-year-old has somehow lost most of her ability to entertain herself and has decided that glued to my side is the best place for her to be. And also constantly asking, "what are we doing today?" and "can we do something?" are frequently heard. i spend a lot of time directing her towards matching the socks and emptying the dishwasher. when kate got sick suddenly seth was freed up for some good old playing and i didn't see ava for several days. the unmatched socks gathered dust on my bedroom floor. those babies don't match themselves and i sure as hell ain't going to do it.

it is spent with seth and kate always found together. seth is always clutching something made out of legos and kate is always wearing something on her head. a flower crown, a towel, a bag, a pillow case, a veil. it must be the age. she also got some most nasty bug, which had her shivering with a fever and not hungry. this then led to some sort of hunger strike, wherein she decided that she wasn't hungry and that food and drink made her feel bad. she didn't eat for three days. it made her outrageously cranky. i considered exorcism. by the third day her eyes were sunken and she didn't move. she lost weight. finally i threatened her with a trip to the hospital and a big, fat iv in her arm. that night she ate six bites of soup. it was just short of miraculous.

it is spent with sarah, who is all things. she is here, she is there. she is playing happily, she is ruining the game. she is naked, she is playing with a mermaid and a galvanized tub. she is following me to the bathroom, she is brushing my hair, she is snuggling up to read books, she is asking, "happened?" when someone is hurt and saying, "okay?" to understand their level of pain. she is free with her hugs and kisses. i think she likes all this extra sibling time.

summertime is hot afternoons where you lay out on the couch and let the fan run over you and read a good book and drink and cold glass of water. it is swimming in grandpa's pool, or eating all of the snacks grandma can manage to find. it is staying up late. it is playing, playing, playing. it is a lot of family time. it is watermelon and homemade ice cream, hot dogs cooked over the fire pit and lots and lots of s'mores.

it is still my most favorite thing ever. we are barefoot and proud, sticky from melted popsicles, outside, outside, outside.

long live summer.

i literally can't even

who thinks of this stuff?
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