Friday, June 24, 2016

7 quick takes

1. it's summer! so i request the school uniforms be placed on my bed. every end of year i wash them all, place them in the garage for storage, and forget about them until a week or two before school, when i pull them all out and try to find enough pieces to make a wardrobe for the kids...kate included this year (insert munch's scream emoji here).

ava hears my request and gathers her uniforms from the uniform drawer in her dresser and places it on my bed. this takes two minutes.

ten minutes later seth walks by with all of his uniforms carefully balanced on his head and his outstretched arms until something falls and he trips and now there are uniforms all over. the minute they hit the floor he immediately forgot about them and there they remain.

those two are really different.

2. yesterday i was barefoot all day and cut my foot twice. am i going to have to start wearing those things they call shoes???

3. things i will wear this summer: enormous, shapeless dress. i may look like a circus tent, and maybe that's something that should embarrass me, but i'm so busy feeling comfortable that i don't even care. #winning.

4. dear Facebook, why are you so depressing and unkind?

5. tuesday we went to the beach all day long, and then wrapped up the day with a dodger game. wednesday we went to the library and ran errands. thursday we swam for several hours and then went to the park. friday my children begged for me to leave them alone and spent the morning flopped over on things, trying to recover. so yeah, i'd say the summer is going well.

6. this video. "i find that unlikely."

7. in my panic over adding a fifth child to this circus, i found this blog. wow. this woman should mentor. and by that, i mean mentor me. or just raise my children.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

so guys, guess what?

we're thinking of naming this one kamehameha...haha. get it?

Friday, June 10, 2016

end of the school year

well, folks, here it is. the last last day of school (kate's was last week). and, just like last year, i had the same exact bunch of feelings. 

i am so relieved that now everyone can wake up whenever they want, that ryan and i won't be repeatedly bouncing sleepy children out of their beds, helping them find the socks that always disappear as they journey from the folded laundry pile to the dresser drawers, doing the hair (the hair!!!), finding the shoes, the backpacks, making the lunches (oh, the lunches!!!!)....for the next 10 weeks. people, PLEASE do NOT rush us these next several mornings. i am so tired of hustling children out the door. 

i'm eager for some family time, to let these siblings spend the days together, playing together. they get along so well, and i really love that. and when ryan gets home from work we can head out for the park, or a hike, or watch the sunset at the beach. there's more time for grandparents and uncles and roasting marshmallows in the backyard. 

i always spend the last several weeks of school eagerly awaiting the end of school, checking off the various performances, parties, and ceremonies, and then on the last day i feel so sad that we're leaving all of these wonderful school family members behind for a year. sarah and kate cheer when i have to stop by the school because they have become such ardent fans of the office staff at our school. ava and seth are walked to the car by their favorite yard duty attendant every afternoon. they're teachers are such important women in their lives and suddenly, we're not seeing them every day. it's sad. 

yet here we are, ready to move at our own pace, discover some new books and swim a lot, maybe have a hot dog or two and a roasted marshmallow (or five) and head back to our favorite a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, and a kindergartener. thank goodness sarah's got a few years left at home. i'm suddenly not ready to be left behind by these little ducks. 

seth looks particularly tan here...i suspect he's actually just dirty. that boy attracts dirt in his sleep. it'd be admirable if it weren't so gross.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the canyon

this is my grandpa's house. we call it the canyon. my grandpa built it himself. it's been a long time since he lived there, but i have a lot of memories of this house. 

i remember the easy bake oven from the 70's that my cousins and i used to play with.

i remember the wood blocks and the semi truck kept under the benches by the windows. 

i remember stacks of newspapers and sunday mornings when it seemed all the grownups just sat around and read them. 

i remember shredded wheat cereal with no frosting. what a disappointment. 

i remember waking up early to go feed animals with my grandpa. i remember the cold air, putting my shoes on the back step, i remember the sounds of animals stirring, ready for their food, ready for my grandpa. i remember stopping at the top of the hill to pray. i remember my grandpa's prayers were sooooo long. i remember collecting eggs, peeking over the fence at the fat, motionless pig, picking tomatoes from the garden, feeding the chickens tiny pebbles and crushed shells. 

i remember meals in the backyard at the picnic tables, i remember swinging in the backyard, i remember watching uncles and cousins playing basketball in the backyard. 

i remember the vanity in my aunt frances' room. i loved that vanity. 

i remember roaming the hills, playing the dogs, catching a rooster that had escaped. i remember bringing my own water because i didn't like the taste of the sulphur water. 

i remember buckets of honey, rows and rows of bananas laid out to dry, abalone shells lining the sill by the garage, sunshine on the bed in the back room, the little things on my grandma's dresser, standing by the fireplace (the big one and the little one) in the mornings.

i remember backing out of the driveway with grandpa following us and waving with his fingers. 

it was the best place to visit. 

these photos were taken at our last visit, in january of 2008. if i'd known it'd be our last time, i would have taken more photos. 

beachin' with aunt danielle and a bunch of little girls...and seth (poor seth)

long story: ten years ago ryan's parents bought a piece of property in utah to build their dream house and retire in. (skipping the long part) they just sold their house in moorpark (15 minutes away from us) and are now moving up to the mountains (12 hours away from us). the month of may was full of all of ryan's siblings, their spouses, and their children, saying goodbye to the family home. chris and kristine moved in 21 years ago. we are really sad for them to go, but a little bit happy that now they get to live in their dream house (even if it means we won't see them as often anymore). 

danielle, ryan's youngest sister, came out for three weeks with her two little girls and we spent a day at the beach. we tried to get burritos at lily's but the wait time was 30 minutes (all of my favorite spots are getting discovered. the line out of malibu seafood was wrapped around the building yesterday and i've never had to wait past the lobster tank before. boo. people! go find your own spots!). so we went to subway. not comparable, but the kids got chips, so at least there were no tears (except maybe my own). food purchased, we parked at an empty zuma and plunked ourselves right down for the next several hours.


shot on my pentax 645nii with fuji400h

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