Wednesday, May 13, 2015

an afternoon in the backyard

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

a portrait of a baby at 19 months

dear sarah,

"where," you may be asking, "did my 18 month post go, MOM?"

well, i'll tell you, SARAH. i got behind. because i thought i'd try sitting back and relaxing in 2015 and 2015 overhead me and was like HAH and then 2015 turned out to be the busiest year of my life. all good things, but man oh man BUSY.

after i married your daddy grandma sally went to bed for a week and after grandpa carlisel married grandma rebecca i wanted to do the same. not because i had anything to do with their wedding, but because it was the last big thing on my list and it had taken every last bit of strength out of me. i'd say that we have nothing on the table now and i'm very glad about that but i'm afraid 2015 will hear me and will throw something outrageous in our direction.

the moral of the story, sarah, is be happy with this post. it's going to be a good one. i hope.

let's begin with your accomplishments: you can say lots of things (like "why?" and "stop!" and I'm hungry" and "oh" and "what's that?" and "mo-om! where are you?" and all of your family: "mommy", "daddy", "ava", "seth", "kate", "grandma", "grandpa", "james" and "david") and you can sing lots of songs (like "let it go" and "i am a child of god" and a song you made up that we call "the diaper song" because the lyrics are "diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, di-aperrrrrrr") and you can climb lots of things (all the tables, all the chairs, all the dressers and all the bookshelves) and you can open lots of things (all of the markers, drawers, mascaras, chapsticks, tubes of things, lotion bottles, essential oils bottles and also you can work the can of whipped cream grandma kristine gave us and now you can open up the fridge and help yourself anytime you like. fun!). other developmental milestones: you growl when you don't get your way. it's a little shocking, mostly funny, and not scary. sorry. you wiggle more than kate (impossible!) and can go limp better than any of your siblings which, yes, makes it difficult to carry you where you do not want to go but don't worry: i'm not ashamed to drag you around in public by your leg. because as my fourth child i have no more shame. you can scream, you can demand, you can laugh, you can snuggle, you can play with my hair, you can take off all of your clothes, you can cling to my leg. you prefer me. you sleep with about four blankees and about six stuffed animals. you say goodbye with gusto (like, "GOODBYE!!! GOOOOOOOODBYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDBBBBBBYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" and then you repeat that until i shout, "THEY'RE GONE! THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!" and then you say, "oh" like you totally get it)

you know where your cheeks, your tummy, your nose, mouth, eyes, ears, chin, hands, feet, knees and hair all are. you enjoy greeting everyone we see anywhere we go. you love to dance. you love to wear bathing suits. you love to wear kate's clothes. you hate to wears your own clothes. you love horses and nursery, babies and books. you LOVE the older kids and you want so much to play with them. when we shop you like to pay (with my money) and when we color at home you LOVE to join in, except you like to see how many things you can color on that AREN'T paper. like the walls. with a sharpie.

you love to hug. you give great hugs. and you love to be with your people. if kate is coloring, you want to color, if everyone is wearing the t-shirts you got from the dentist, then so are you. you don't play well by yourself, so if everyone is gone then you are lonely and a lot more...present (*cough annoying *cough).

i have to admit, sarah, i'm a huge fan of your bedhead, your insistence than you get your hair done every morning, just before kate does, that you love to wear shoes because the big kids do (even if you take them off only a few minutes later), that i can ask you to use your words and you do, that you snuggle in bed if you get to hold the iPhone, that you you apologize, that you say, "thank you, mommy," in such a sweet, small voice, that you chase daddy's car every morning when we say goodbye.

you complete this little family. you fill a spot in our lives that we didn't know was missing. i love you.


Friday, May 8, 2015

best friends

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

roadshow 2015

every three years, our stake does a roadshow. last time, my friend amber and i put our heads together and with some help from our friend, romy, we wrote a roadshow script. this time around amber was in washington, so romy and i tired our hand (oh, i mean, we tried our hand, but yeah, our hands were pretty tired when all of this was over. and you know what else? EVERYTHING.) at another roadshow script. 

(for those of you who don't know, a roadshow is a show prepared by the adults and put on by the teenagers. all of the different wards, or congregations, do one. each show is supposed to be about 15 minutes. everyone performs them on the same night. essentially, it consumes everyone for about three months.)

you guys, it was crazy. partly because i moved in the middle of it all, but also because it was crazy. but really, really fun. the youth were awesome. they jumped right in. they were bold, they were funny, they were willing. they memorized lines, scrounged up costumes, learned dance moves, and came to every practice. i loved those practices. i love those kids. 

this is me and my bishopric. we did the pre-show show and those men made new names for themselves, much funnier and more goofy names. plus i think they have a fan club now. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

House Tour, part 2

i have heard your cries, readers! it's just so hard to find a time to take photos when the room is ACTUALLY clean. i'd take photos of when it's dirty and just post those, but i'm not going to ever need to remember what that looks like. that's my normal, man. 

seth's room. this is very exciting because he has his own room. he's never had his own room, except for the first nine months of his life, when he slept in an office. bless his heart. this room was a lot of fun to put together. there are a lot of girls in this house and i liked doing something a little different. 

 the dresser is a pine one (from ikea) that i painted blue and added knobs (from hobby lobby. they had a sale. finding cute knobs that aren't feminine is a task).
 darth vader pillow and star wars prints from this etsy shop.
 again, with the ikea shelves and buckets. notice seth's soccer trophy. he is particularly fond of that soccer trophy. i labeled the buckets with permanent marker to help seth clean up properly. so far he's so fond of the words i used (transport, star wars, guys, and things) that it's working.
 this was my brother andrew's bed. then aaron's. and james, for a little while. i love this bed. it is incredibly comfortable. seth loves it, too. getting him out of it in the morning requires a crowbar and a bucket of ice cold water. and even then there is no guarantee. the other day i FINALLY got him out of bed and into the bathroom only to see him walk right out of the bathroom and get back into bed. (also: there is an enormous box of legos under that bed. under bed storage is almost my best friend)
 seth has a little shelf for his "treasures". right now it includes an alligator head from a garage sale, a piece of wood he sanded and made smooth, a gold coin from who knows where, a glass thing, a piece of brick and concrete from a friend who fixed our mailbox and a dead fly. 
 seth's special books. pokemon, star wars, ninjago, spiderman, legos...boy, boy, boy.

and next door to seth's special boy room is a little girly room. kate and sarah sleep here, underneath a doily bunting and pink sheets. so, the opposite of seth's room. there are no dead flies or alligator heads to be found. 

 the little kitchen was a christmas present a couple years ago. it took roughly forever to put together.
 sarah's bed was a hand-me-down from a friend, the dollhouse was a craigslist find (it's pottery barn, no idea if they still carry it), and kate's bed was found at an antique shop. notice that sarah sleeps with a thousand bunnies, blankees and lately, flashlights and singing seahorses. there's hardly any room leftover for her!
most of the girls' toys are barbies, dollhouse furniture, littlest pet shop figures and dollhouses galore (i have a problem, it is true). since most of that stuff all goes in the same games, i put it in a large tub and slide it under kate's bed. under sarah's bed is a large suitcase full of lalaloopsy dolls. i guess the secret to having lots of kids is learning how to hide their toys well, and also give them lots of room to set up their games in their own bedrooms. because if there isn't enough room they bring the games out to the public areas. and then your whole house is a disaster. 

other popular girls toys: next generation horses, american girl dolls (i kept mine and passed them along to the girls), stuffed animals (i love the jellycat ones), and baby dolls. anything that lets everyone play together i love. and i get most of their toys from garage sales or craigslist for a lot less than i'd get it at the store. 
 bunting made from an old dictionary and a vintage children's book. the stars were found at a garage sale.
calico critters treehouse, kate's present from santa last year. i love this little house.
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