Sunday, October 16, 2016

utah, part 2

pictured: sundance, some canyon creek wading, a hail storm that knocked my socks off, and a great-grandpa helping a great-granddaughter walk. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

utah, part 1

remember when we went to utah last summer...two months ago? of course not. i never blogged it. i don't think i even mentioned it!

sidenote: at the beginning of every school year i make a family dinner that i really put effort into (as in, i think really hard about what to cook so everyone has something that they like and we all have positive experience. this is tricky because we have kate in our family and she is morally opposed to entrees), and we talk about the upcoming year and i always present some sort of theme or scripture and we talk about it and i try to come up with some way to display our theme so we always see it and reference back to it every now and then. this year our theme was "let your light so shine" and i got these stained glass stars for each child and we hung them up in our living room window, right above the couch which is where i keep "office hours" for the first few hours after the kids get home so i'm available to help them with homework and chat about their days and stuff. anyway, that's their theme. i think my theme is "i'm so behind". i wonder if there's a stained glass something that i could get that would symbolize that...

sidenote over. and yeah, that wasn't really a sidenote that was a freakin' blog post in and of itself, but ANYWAY.

we went to utah. we stayed with ryan's parents in their brand new house that probably wasn't meant to have many small children running through it, but sure enough, it did. many small children, a birthday party, lots of dirt, and a couple of grasshoppers holed up in jars. it's fun to get cousins together because they love each other so much and they play all day long. so many happy little people.

ryan went mountain biking several times and i visited a couple friends that i haven't seen in a long time. and the children played and played and played and played.

i only managed to take my camera out a few times, because i have become so bad at photographing family events. it should be a goal of mine to do better, but let's be honest, my only goal right now is to survive this pregnancy.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

gender reveal

if i had had my wits about me, i would have asked someone to do this for me, but alas, i have no wits now that i am a pregnant woman for the fifth time, and this little genre reveal was up to me. 

one box of yellow cake mix, a recipe for simple chocolate frosting, and a baggie of pink m&ms if it's a girl and a baggie of blue m&ms if it's a boy provided by grandma rebecca, and i assembled a cake in time for a gender reveal for children who were not allowed in the ultrasound office. 

it was ugly, the frosting was beautiful, and the children ended up surprised. very surprised. and excited. 

so lose, win, win. i'll take it. for a pregnant mom of 4.5 that's a good day.

Monday, October 10, 2016

7 quick takes

1. just deconstructed the entire vacuum to find that the hose was clogged with enormous scraps of paper from one of Sarah's many "projects" (she needs homework because everyone else gets homework. i think i'll be eliminating the scissor portion of her homework). when asked to help clean it up, the children helpfully got out the vacuum...and nearly destroyed it. i have memories of my mother doing the exact thing. pretty sure one of my brothers vacuumed water--and broke the entire vacuum.

also, where have all of my vacuum attachments gone? they have disappeared--and i mean vanished for months. why haven't they resurfaced? what if i really want to vacuum the very, very edge of all of the rooms of my house??? WHAT DO I DO THEN?

2. last night book club read 'a tree grows in brooklyn', a book i had never read before, even though i know so many people who absolutely loved it growing up. it's good. and worth a read, even if you read it when you were younger. next book? 'i captured the castle'.

3. when we moved into this house a year and a half ago sarah was going through pretty solid draw-on-anything-but-paper phase. what a relief when that ended! guess what? yesterday she brought it back full force. a sheet, a doll (kate's very special favorite doll), the floor, her hand, and a leg (her leg).

4. Kate holds really still when she's at school. She's also really quiet. so when she gets home she just lets lose and she wiggles and she makes noise and she sings nonsense at the top of her lungs and she wiggles so hard that every night at dinner she almost always literally falls off her chair. i'm talking arms and legs in the air, and kate's whole body on the floor and everyone is silent in their surprise and blinking and she just stays on the ground until ryan or i demand that she get up and "hold still, for heaven's sake-- and eat your food!"

5. saturday i shot a wedding. sunday ava had a horse show and i helped. today i woke up to a house that looks as if there was a wedding and a horse show in it. help.

6. i use post-its for everything. someone just pointed out to me the other day that i write things down on post-its and then stick them to my phone to help me remember and that i could just put those notes into my phone. yet again, i am in the wrong generation. i just learned (from watching survivor) that i am actually a millennial. i guess that makes sense. i mean, i did vote for bernie sanders...

7. this made my monday bearable.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

happy birthday, mom.
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