Thursday, June 25, 2015

mouth of babes, part one

Me, to Ava: Oklahoma! is playing at the local theater. Do you want to go?
Seth: I might want to go, why don't you invite me?
Me: Do you want to go?
Seth: Is there candy?
Me: No.
Seth: Then I don't want to go.

Kate in swim lessons, looking angry. She is staring straight forward and meanwhile her teacher is chatting happily and whisking her around the pool.
Swim teacher: How is that, Miss Kate?
Kate: Bad.
Swim Teacher: Bad?!? All bad or a little bit good?
Kate: like 500% bad.

And then later, after she was forced to put her head under the water (forced is her word, not mine):
Ryan: How were swim lessons?
Kate: Bad.
Ryan: Bad?
Kate: Like 516% bad.

Me: I'll put all of your music down here and I'll put all of my music in this box.
Ava: How come you get Bob Dylan?
Me: (staring)
Ava: I listen to him all the time.
Me: Like What?
Ava: The times They Are A-Changin'.
Me: What do you think?
Ava: He's pretty good.

Sarah, upon dropping her blanket: Oh my Gosh! (except it sounds like "Dosh!")

And, Sarah, greeting me for the morning: Good morning, Mommy! (Who is this child and where did the baby go?)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

a late thursday night post that i will surely regret friday morning

i am plagued lately, it seems, with constant thoughts of failure. i am weak. there is evidence of it everywhere.

it could be that school is out for the summer tomorrow, and the need to collect the things that must be collected is abundant. it is nagging. i forgot to send a bride her engagement photos on a flash drive. i've never done that before.

it could be that the chaos in my life is shutting down. i'm afraid that instead of seizing the moment to do some good i will lie about, pooling in myself, slow like molasses.

i feel this immense need to figure this out. so i grab a journal and a pen and i take a seat and i get all ready to write...and then i realize that i have hardly an idea of what this is. so instead i make a to do list that is so lofty i'll never be able to achieve any of it. work out everyday. pray everyday. make better dinners. 

it should read. work out. pray. eat. and also, shower...

this blog has been forsaken. i avoid eye contact with the other moms are the kids' school, afraid that they have already figured out how poorly i am doing. i think one of the reasons i'm so glad school is out is so i can fail in private instead of publicly.

it'll get better. it always does. and then it'll get a little worse, and maybe a lot worse, but always better again.

next post will be something pleasant. like the hummingbird nest outside my bedroom window. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

wrestling with daddy

just in time for fathers' day, a little wrestling with lots of children:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

volley the ball

lava's the player, ryan's the coach, and seth, kate and sarah are the reason why i have hardly watched any game. 

ava loves it. it's fun to see her love things. she's getting old, but she is also getting a lot more interesting. the trade off is worth it. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

an afternoon in the backyard

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