Tuesday, September 29, 2015

last beach trip of the summer

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

from the depths of my phone

 rodge caught napping
 sarah's infectious smile
 car dance parties (check out seth's moves!)
 kate getting a little dental work done
 rebecca and me at david's gradutation
 seth's allergy test. so awful i took him right out afterwards and got him the toothless build-a-bear he'd been eyeing for the last month. 
 grandpa and grandma snuggles
 carly and me at a dodger game
 kate's swimming lessons...she didn't like them.
 can't remember what's happening here...but they're all in a row, and all in pajamas
 beach selfie
 beautiful baby carson
 selfie with the missionaries
 on our way to the pool
 summe sunset
 family photo at the park
 little red riding hood comes for a visit (look at that girl's hair!)
 merry go round at the fair. sarah loved this so much i literally had to wrench her hands off that horse. it was hard. girl child's got grip.
 sleeping. like an angel.
 with her best friend, hazel
 seth with a haircut
 silly faces
 that one time the denninghoffs moved back in and we took a photo of all the kids together and for some reason i was in it, too.
 from a morning walk
 pretty, pretty princess. you lose if you keep the clock tower, but kate's changed the rules. if you get the clock, you win. it's her favorite part.
 discovering a perfect hole in her blankee AND licking the beater. best day ever.
 her hand!
 the clouds!
 sunrise photo. i love where i live.
 she made a bed on the back of the couch and was quite pleased.
grandpa chris came over and made a blanket fort.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Ryan organized this whole hike and i begrudgingly went. it turned out to be one of the best and hardest hikes we've ever done. kate broke down no less than three times. in her defense, it was so much uphill and so many rocks to climb. the whole things took several hours-- about four.

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