Sunday, May 1, 2016

hawaii part three

day six: ryan had mostly healed from his mountain biking disappointment, and had decided to try again at another trail. before his mountain biking he dropped me off at the iolani palace for a hawaiian quilting class. 

you guys, let me just take a moment and tell you about this quilting class. first of all, i had no idea that there was a hawaiian way of quilting. it's all hand quilting, hand appliqué, and it's beautiful. secondly, the women in this class were amazing. once we finally managed to find the class, i stood hesitantly at the door for about half a second before these women pulled me in and sat me down and got me started right away. it was wonderful. there were a few tourists, quilters from the mainland, but everyone else was hawaiian. it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. 

meanwhile, ryan's bike ride was much better. he loved it. it dumped rain, so he spent the rest of the day shirtless (no problem!). after his bike ride, he picked me up and we ate at maui mikes (it was okay). we went over to the kaniakapupu ruins-- one of the best hikes of the trip, toured some beaches (kailua and lanikai) and finished the day off at giovanni's shrimp truck.ryan switched things up and got the hot dog instead of the shrimp. i got the shrimp. i think i got the bettlaxing. er end of the deal.

day seven: got up early and started the day searching for turtles. didn't find any, but did find some pretty beaches. had one more lunch at the pupukea grill (delicious), ryan snorkeled in shark's cove and saw several turtles, and even swam alongside one for awhile. this thrilled him and motivated him to swim back and convince me to snorkel, too. i tried it. it consisted of me mostly panicking and trying to fight the panic and feeling frustrated that i was panicking and trying to relax and occasionally actually relaxing. it wasn't worth it. i went back to shore and read a little more. tried matsmumoto's shave ice (not worth it), threw it out and got some at san lorenzos, around the corner. much better. made it to waimea beach for sunset, a beach we'd been eyeing all week long but couldn't seem to find any parking for. it's the most beautiful beach. there was a family next to us, full of happy children and laughter and a dad with a film camera. turns out it was one of my favorite photographers in the whole world. i didn't realize it at first, all i saw was his camera, but after he started talking about cameras and film, i figured it out. nicest man. seriously. ended up following them to dinner at the best thai food i've ever had. it was amazing. wonderful. incredible. 

day eight: packed up our things, cleaned up the house as best as we could, headed into honolulu. we had until noon before we had to turn the rental car back in. ate at kokohead cafe, which was definitely one of the top places we ate all week. you guys, seriously, it is SO GOOD. SO GOOD. so. good. ordered the dumplings, breakfast bruschetta, and the cornflake french toast. died of happiness. went to iolani palace and took the tour. i loved it. drove around waikiki. didn't like it much, although the beach is gorgeous. had malasadas at leonards (those were just okay). returned the rental car. stood in line for security for an hour and a half. 

got home after midnight. was awoken by the children at 6:15 the next morning. happiest morning in the world.

this trip was relaxing, refreshing, it taught me a lot of things about being comfortable with who i am, about my creative side and my artistic tendencies, about my relationship with ryan and the things we want for each other. the food was delicious, the views were unreal. hawaii is magic. i'm so grateful we got to go.


(still to come: film i shot in hawaii and a hawaiian themed iPhone dump. you're going to be so sick of this by the time it's over)

(the man who founded the quilting group is admiring the first quilt of a newer quilter, pictured below). this was one of my favorite moments. she came to announced she'd finished the appliquéing and someone shouted, "let's see it!" and then suddenly, everyone had left their chairs and was helping to hold the quilt out, and they were all together, around this quilt, praising herm loving it, laughing, cheering her on. it was such a touching and organic moment.

proud quilter
sketching a pattern for a quilter

our poor car. i can't imagine how much sand the mothers of these homes must have to sweep and vacuum every week.

said goodbye to ryan's sandals on this trip. he's had them for three years. there's a hole all the way through. i love old sandals. 
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